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Nature, caves

Nature, caves


Demänovská Ice Cave

Demänovská ľadová jaskyňaThe cave entrance is located in the cliff Bašta on the northern side of the Low Tatras Mts., only two kilometers northerly from the Demänovská Cave of Liberty. Ice fill has been formed in the cave for the last 500 years and in combination with calcite decoration the cave offers a very interesting tour. 

The Demänovská Ice Cave presents the northern part of world known Demänovské Caves. It stands out by occurrence of permanent ice fill, bizarre and mighty shapes of underground spaces, rare cave fauna as well as rich history. 

The show path is 650 m long with vertical span of 48 m. The entrance and exit are at the same elevation, only 40 m away one from the other. The stay in cave lasts about 45 min. The temperature during summer months fluctuates between +0,4°C and +3°C. 

The show path goes through mighty river passages interconnected by steep sections. The first part of the tour leads through cave spaces with flowstone decoration and the second part is in the iced spaces of the cave. 

The combination of flowstone and ice decoration offers a very interesting tour for visitors, where they can learn on forming cave spaces, cave decoration and conditions for glaciation and also on the influence of ice on original calcite fill. The cave spaces consist of oval, river modelled passages and domes reshaped by collapses and frost weathering. 


Demänovská Cave of Liberty

Demänovská jaskyňa slobody

Located on the northern side of the Low Tatras in the Demänovská Valley between Liptovský Mikuláš and known ski resort Jasná. The cave stands out by its unbelievable variety of colours and shapes of flowstone fills, unique calcite water lilies and other lacustrine forms of flowstone decoration. 

The national nature monument of the Demänovské Caves on the northern side of the Low Tatras Mts. is the longest cave system in Slovakia. The Demänovská Cave of Liberty belongs among its dominating caves. It has been captivating the visitors by its rich flowstone fill of various colours, magical flow of underground Demänovka as well as the charming pools for many years. It is the most visited show cave in Slovakia. 

Traditional tour is 1,150 m long with vertical span of 86 m. There are 913 steps on the path. Exclusive (long) tour is 2,150 m long and the same elevation span and 1,118 steps. The length of traditional tour is 60 min, and of the exclusive tour 100 min. Average cave temperature ranges between 6,1 and 7°C.