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In apartment house ZARIA you can find 5 COMFORT apartments.
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Apartment house


In apartment house VERA you can find 9 COMFORT apartments
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History and tradition

History and tradition

Liptov area is rich in cultural heritage and is characterized by distinctive folk architecture and folklore. 

Vlkolínec (15 km)

VlkolínecVlkolínec is Ružomberok district. At present there is 29 inhabitants in 18 houses out of the 55th In 1993 was registered in the list of UNESCO World Heritage List as a unique landscape-urban-architectural complex. Rare building - wooden bell tower from 1770, rumpálová wells in 1860, brick-classicistic baroque Church of Our Lady of the year 1875. 




Havránok (8km)

HavránokArchaeological site. Housing estates of the period under iron (300-100 BC). Currently, reconstruction of Celt´s oppidum of Kotins tribe with sacrificial place of 1 century BC. Building homes, sacrificial place, furnace and other items have been partially reconstructed and forms open air archeological museum in nature. 




Obec Východná (30 km)

 VýchodnáThe first weekend in July each year takes place here known show folk ensembles and folk traditions. Speeches are organized in a natural amphitheater above the village. It is the largest Slovak folklore festival. There are also many historical monuments. 




Liptovské museum (12 km)

Pribylina skanzenIt holds the character and deals with the whole Liptov areas where further work and exposure. The main priority is to care for the collection, which consists of over 190 000 collection items. 





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